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Thank you and Goodbye 2023

So, as we say goodbye to 2023, we reflect on the last twelve months and, as a small team of volunteers, we celebrate the successes and the joy our activities have brought to our community. 

So, 2023 saw us: - 

* Introducing a new activity and that was the Kids Easter Party.  We had more than 80 children attending, and they had an amazing time with the crazy Easter Bunny leading the easter egg hunt, bouncy castles, table activities, food, drink and other entertainment activities. We are looking forward to doing it all over again in 2024.

* Delivering, for the 14th year, the Family Fundays, in June, July and August. The events were all about music, food, games for all ages along with stalls selling a range of goods. With the blessing of good weather, we were able to run all three events with attendance of more than 400/500 at each.

* Running “Laugh & Chat” sessions, primarily, for the elders in our community. The sessions allowed them to enjoy a variety of activities including Film Day, celebrate Grandparents Day, Christmas Party, learn about the help available to help with fuel bills and so much more. With the support of two local employers, they enjoyed a meal and took advantage of a minibus from their homes to/from the Centre.

* Introducing the “Windrush Festival”. We had a selection of speakers all speaking about research or experiences around the “Windrush era”. The feedback was so positive and favourable that we will be repeating the event in 2024.

* Delivering the Windrush Dinner & Dance with ACT Windrush Community Champion Awards.

* Starting work in schools in Coventry. We were able to deliver sessions in both an infant and secondary school. Arawak Community Trust in Schools is very much on our agenda for 2024.

* For the second year, working in partnership with @equip to develop the "Windrush75 in Warwickshire" Project.

* Delivering the Kids Christmas Party with ticket sales of over 100!

It was also our pleasure to support other organisations and individuals in our community and we will continue to do so in 2024.

We want to thank all our supporters for their contributions of time and money, as without them we would not be able to deliver such a varied and busy calendar of activities.

If you would like to get involved in 2024, GET IN TOUCH!

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